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A Broken Family Tree
I am one of many
Small branches of a broken tree
Always looking to the ones above
For guidance, strength and security.
One little branch trying
To keep the others from breaking away
Who will fall?
And who will stay?
Now I stand alone
Looking at the earth through the rain
And I see the broken branches I knew
Scattered about me in pain.
There are those who have taken an axe
To the root of our very foundation
And who have passed this destruction
Down to every new generation.
If I could take that axe
I would toss it deep into the sea
Never to return again
To harm the generations that follow me.
I am one of many
But alone I will go
And plant the new seeds
Where a beautiful tree will grow.

A Broken Family Tree


Picture or Photo of Hearts drawn on the sand of a beach
How could it be that we let our love fall
There were times in our life that we had it all
As the weather got colder my attention did shift
but I could never be ready for this.
Yes my attitude changed. Then you cut me so deep
Is it possible to push a woman to cheat?
So I pray not for gold nor for worldly riches
I pray for strength, wisdom and forgiveness
Did I not tell you enough how beautiful you are
Do I deserve the bleeding of this never healing scar
Would it be different that night if I said please don't go?
That me and the kids love you, that you're food for my soul.
But I didn't swore and hollered with names
Not knowing our love would never be the same
Then you told me what happened and I started to cry
And I felt like half of my spiritual body had died
As much as you're sorry, should I take some of the blame?
Should I forgive and forget? Would you do the same?
Is our marriage worth saving? Have I anymore to give this?
I ask the Lord for strength, wisdom and forgiveness

Picture or Photo of Man standing on his knees and asking for forgiveness


Low light levels make night photography a challenging yet rewarding subject. The best results require specialized equipment, like SLR cameras, tripods, cable releases and flashguns. After sunset, the everyday world is magically transformed, and city buildings, fireworks, thunderstorms and the northern lights all become popular subjects.

In the City

Artificial light transforms the urban landscape into a place of magic and mystery.


Landscape photographers love the magical light of sunset and twilight. With long shutter speeds and a steady tripod it’s even possible to photograph the landscape lit by nothing but moonlight.

Northern Lights

The northern lights are a popular subject for photographers living in the extreme north of Canada, Alaska and Europe.


Dramatic thunderstorms are captured using slow shutter speeds.

Heavenly Bodies

It’s even possible to photograph the stars and the moon with the right equipment.


Another popular subject for night photographers.

Troy Paiva

Troy Paiva specializes in night photography and light-painting techniques. He explores America’s abandoned urban landscapes in his latest book “Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration.”

Anthony James

Anthony James has a passion for night photography. Over the years, he has amassed a unique collection of photographic images covering a variety of subjects from different parts of Asia, Europe and Australia.
“For me the joy of photography comes from the ability to capture and record a unique slice of space and time that may otherwise be lost forever. A moment perhaps only witnessed by an individual yet shared with the rest of us, albeit imbued with a unique perspective – a window on our world that may remain forever etched into our consciousness.”

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60 Beautiful Examples Of Night Photography

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