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Artists from eight countries gathered in Jiangcheng county in China on May 18 to take part in an international buffalo bodypainting competition. The city of Pu'er has held cattle bodypainting competition for the last three years, and this year's competition coincides with the 60th anniversary of the founding of Jiangcheng County.
A total of 48 water buffalos were covered in brightly colored body paint. Every cow was painted by a group consisting of 3 to 7 artists from United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, Vietnam, Laos and China. A prize money of 100,000 yuan ($16,042) was on offer for the most beautifully decorated bovine. This year, the first pace was won by a team of local schoolchildren.

Painting on the buffalos is an ancient custom in Jiancheng derived from a legend, according to which a group of water buffaloes were once attacked by a large tiger when they were taken to the fields to graze. The tiger caught one unfortunate buffalo and as the two creatures struggled around on the field, mud and blood covered the buffalo's body. The bull looked so terrifying that the tiger got scared and ran away. After that locals started painting on their cattle to keep the predators away. The tradition later developed into a popular festival held each year to celebrate harvest and honor the cattle.

Buuffalo body painting


Forget what you knew about your typical wedding photos! I (Adam Opris) am breaking all the rules of traditional posing and bringing my brides and grooms underwater! By bringing them into the underwater realm, anything becomes possible. I incorporate the weightless environment underwater with bridal beauty and elegance to transform the brides into mermaids, and bring their wedding dresses to life!
I grew up in the ocean and have always admired underwater photos of reefs, fish, etc. After seeing great images of surfers diving underwater and other photos from around the world, I knew that I had to bring my clients underwater. After investing in an Ikelite housing, I read everything I could involving shooting underwater (even though all the articles involved photographing fish, the information was invaluable)! After a few test shoots and safety sessions, I captured a few children and pregnant women underwater. Since I am mainly a wedding photographer it was only natural for me to reach out to my brides! I figured let's get their wedding dresses out of the closet and create some art!
After my first bride was willing to take the plunge, I was immediately hooked on how beautiful a wedding dress could flow underwater. After a few pool sessions, I wanted to take it a step further. I found a group of divers willing to get into wedding dresses and tuxes and join me 30 feet underwater in the Florida Keys to shoot amongst the reefs! With an entire crew of safety divers and months of planning, we pulled off an array of bridal fashion in the depths of the ocean!
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Underwater Bridal Fashion

The dictionary definition of a border is: "a line separating two political or geographical areas, especially countries." Most countries in the world share their border with at-least one more country. China shares its borders with 16 other countries, Russia with 14. At the same time, Australia and Japan don't have any neighbors.
Borders can be peaceful and open (European Union), tense and closed (North/South Korea) or variation of both. Below, you'll see incredible examples of the starkly different, as well as the wonderfully similar borders around the world.
1. East and West Berlin, Germany

2. North and South Korea

3. India and Pakistan



The India/Pakistan border along the Himalayas

4. Brazil (on the left) and Bolivia (on the right)

The stark difference between a country that protects its rainforests and one that doesn't...
5. Haiti (on the left) and The Dominican Republic (on the right)

The Dominican Republic has strict laws protecting its forests, Haiti doesn't...

6. Ukraine and Poland
The fish symbolize the unity between both states, signifying their free trade.

7. Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil

8. Mexico (on the left) and the U.S.A. (on the right)


9. Canada and the U.S.A.

The U.S. - Canada border actually cuts through a small town called "Derby Line" and literally cuts several buildings in half.

10. The U.S.A. (on the right) and Russia (on the left)

11. Spain (close) and Portugal (further)

12. Belgium (close) and the Netherlands (further)

Belgium is not as economically successful as the Netherlands, and some of its roads are quite worn out...
Below is where the belgium/Netherlands border meets in the towns on Braal-Nassau & Braal-Hertog.

13. Norway and Sweden

14. Germany and the Czech Republic

Another border meeting

15. Germany and Poland

16. Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic

17. Spain and British Gibraltar

18. Argentina (on the left) and Brazil (on the right)

19. Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana

20. Austria and Slovenia

21. Spain and Morrocco

There is a small city under Spanish sovereignty in the north of Morrocco, called Ceuta. It has been featured on the news due to it being the only "European" city in Africa, leading many illegal immigrants to try and cross the fence.

The Different Borders of the World

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