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Incredible Photos from History.

A series of stunning photos that give us a unique insight into the goings on in our world during the 20th century.
Bruce Lee training with the legendary martial artist Ip Man, 1955.

Piper leads people outside the dugout during the First World War.

Baileys Circus, 1924.

Flight of the Wright brothers in Kittyhawk, 1903.

Capitol Building, home of the U.S. legislature during construction in the middle of the 19th century.

The first Cadillac dealership in New York.

During the construction of the Eiffel Tower, late 19th century.

Mobster Al Capone and his son at a baseball game.

Girls handing out ice, a profession that was traditionally reserved for men, 16 September 1918.

Titanic's giant propellers dwarf their creators, 1911.

Survivors of the Titanic, April 1912.

Zeppelin balloon over the Capitol Building in Washington.

Charlie Chaplin appears on a public street in New York, 1918.

SS soldiers in typical order during an assembly of the Third Reich.

Japan's fatal attack on Pearl Harbor, which put the U.S. deeper into World War II, December 1941.

A Japanese zero plane shot down over the pacific during world war II. These planes served the infamous kamikaze pilots.

The German city of Drezden after an aerial bombing by the Allied nations, world war II.

Hitler's bunker after the conquest of Berlin, 1945.

Victory flight of the Allies after World War II.

Incredible Photos from History.


We're having a hard time deciding whether Michael Grab is an artist or a magician, because he creates stunning structure from finely balanced rocks that seem to defy the law of physics.
These seemingly impossible structures require intense concentration and meditative focus. In the video below, Grab spends several minutes nearly frozen, making tiny adjustments until he gets all of the rocks' centers of gravity just right.
"Over the past few years of practicing rock balance, simple curiosity has evolved into therapeutic ritual, ultimately nurturing meditative presence, mental well-being, and artistry of design," writes Grab in his artist statement.


Towers Of Balanced Rocks


Surah Al-Mulk Verse 26


My name is Yanay and I'm traveling Central America for a few months. After rain started dropping everywhere I wanted to travel, I've decided to check Cuba.
Life in Cuba are a lot different from everything I knew before coming from Israel. The life are very simple and internet free, so when people are are not working they are sitting outside talking to each other, the structures are built in colonial style and when Cubans are not riding a horse they are usually driving classic American cars from the 50's.
Cuba has definitely been an interesting journey, these are some of the pictures I came back with.

Image by: tsabary

Image by: tsabary

Image by: tsabary

Image by: tsabary

Image by: tsabary

Image by: tsabary

Traveling In Cuba Feels Like Taking A Plane Back In Time

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